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7 years Ago By / AJ Ross Staff

Web Design Ulster County NY


Our Web Design Completely Transformed The Web Presence of Optimum Window in Ulster County NY

Founded in 1986, Optimum Window is a leader in the Steel Window industry, specializing in Fire Rated Windows. Optimum Window has expanded their products, now offering custom high-tech metal window and door systems that are available for commercial, residential, and landmark consumers. They pride themselves on producing the highest quality steel, bronze, and stainless steel custom made products.

The Challenge: To Redesign A Cumbersome Website

Optimum Window came to us to redesign their website. As the company continued to grow and expand, they continued to add their new services and products to the site. The original website that they came to us with was cumbersome with information, often repetitive, difficult to navigate, and wasn’t user-friendly. The major problem is that an overload of unorganized information got into the way of what visitors were looking for. When potential customers can’t find what it is they need quickly and easily they will make the assumption that your company doesn’t offer what it needs and they will take their business elsewhere.

The Solution: A Streamlined Website Structure

In order to create a website with user-friendly navigation, the first step was creating a system of organization. We determined that the simplest way to organize their products was to separate them into four different color-coded categories that generated the most revenue:
Located at the bottom of every page on the website, these four categories are easily accessible to the user. When the user scrolls over each category they will get a brief synopsis and feature breakdown as well the option to click to learn more about the product. Rather than having to search for the information they need we created a website that guides the user. In a few seconds, the user can determine if this is the product they are looking for and then will be directed to further details about the particular product. We also suggested that Optimum Window added blog feature to their website. Content uploaded to a blog is listed in reverse chronological order, making it easy for its visitors to access the most recent information first and once again adds to the overall organization of information. Blogs also increase SEO ultimately increasing visibility for your business.

The Result: An Eye-Catching Design That Is Easy To Navigate

We were successful in giving Optimum Window a fresh, modern looking website that created a highly navigable user experience for all of its online viewers. The website is both time efficient and effective. In doing so, we helped Optimum Windows transform their brand identity and effectively market their products.
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