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5 years Ago By / AJ Ross Staff

Walking Dead vs Fear the Walking Dead


As you can tell from our previous posts, we are big fans of The Walking Dead here at AJRoss.  For today’s “Versus” installation we decided to compare The Walking Dead (TWD)  with its spinoff Fear the Walking Dead (FTWD) by looking at their extremely diverse demographics and making a marketing strategy based off of them.  The major difference between the two shows is where they take place.  TWD takes place in rural Atlanta, Georgia.  While FTWD takes place in urban Los Angeles, California.

Although the internet has blurred the once sharp line between the urban and rural demographics, there are still a vast amount of differences that contribute to the way different agencies market in certain areas.  For example, if we were to market Zombie Survival Kits to an urban population we would have to consider a couple things…



Fear the Walking Dead takes place in an urban landscape.  Los Angeles is home to a spectrum of cultures, races, and ethnicities, making it a very diverse population.  Over time it has developed into one of the premier centers of economic and cultural activity in the world.  Its vast coastline, stretching over 75 miles allows for the high volume of importing and exporting goods which contributes greatly to its economic success and diverse population.  This is also reflected on the population, where there is a lot of wealth among its residents.  The geography is flat with a desert landscape and the climate does not change frequently.  Most days are sunny and warm with little to no humidity or rain.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, the marketing strategy for this urban community  should be presented as:

  • Bold and unique – A diverse populations leads to a diversity in tastes and traditions
  • The latest in technology and design trends – Price is not a factor
  • Lightweight gear – The climate is warm and it rarely rains
  • Words such as, “innovative,” “contemporary,” and “unusual” will attract this diverse demographic
  • Should be promoted on billboards and commercial ads – This demographic is more likely to travel to the marketplace where they would be exposed to these type of ads, rather than simply purchasing products online.



The Walking Dead takes place in a rural landscape.  Within this population there is a consistency in cultural practices, resulting in a less diverse community.  Their taste is more traditional, as certain trends do not suit the rural lifestyle.  The population is smaller and less dense compared to Los Angeles.  In rural communities there is a heavier reliance on the internet as opposed to the urban communities where access to physical stores is easier.   Atlanta’s geography is primarily wooded, the climate is fairly mild and consists of four seasons with a high precipitation rate typically falling in March.

That being said, the marketing strategy should be presented as:

  • Traditional and trustworthy
  • Affordable – Price plays a role in whether or not residents will buy your product
  • Needs to be accessed on the internet
  • Versatile gear – That can be used in different temperatures and heavier gear for a more rugged landscape.
  • Words such as, “traditional,” “reliable,” and “concrete” will attract this demographic
  • Should be advertised by local stores and online marketing/social media – this demographic does not have the easy access to the marketplace that an urban population would, which makes them rely heavily on the internet and social media.


Both strategies should be aimed at a target audience – In this case we would be advertising to those who would be protecting and guarding the population, young to middle aged adults – not children or the elderly.  

Marketing strategists look at target demographics first and foremost before developing campaigns because it is important to know who you are advertising to!  Think about it in regards to the zombie apocalypse, tackling a zombie in the woods is a lot different from tackling one in a giant city!
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