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12 years Ago By / AJ Ross Staff

The Secret To Legal Marketing – Ask Jacoby & Meyers

Jacoby & Meyers are the true pioneers in legal marketing. They have successfully marketed themselves over the last 40 years to become the nation’s most recognized law firm.

Just what was their secret to legal marketing success?

Jacoby & Meyers was, and continues to be, innovative. They were one of the first law firms to use Television advertising to reach people who need legal services but don’t know where to turn. They were also one of the earliest firms to offer free client consultations. To reach a broader base of clients, they established offices throughout the county. And most recently, The New York Times commended them for speaking to clients in plain language rather than typical legal-ese. Jacoby & Meyers’ legal marketing is successful because the firm continually anticipates what clients need and want.

AJ Ross Creative is proud to have played a part in those successful legal marketing campaigns.

AJ Ross Creative Media has worked for Jacoby & Meyers in doing their PR, yellow pages, 40 th Anniversary Logo and billboard campaigns.

We would like to congratulate Jacoby & Meyers on their 40 th Anniversary and wish them many more years of success!

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