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13 years Ago By / AJ Ross Staff

The Perfect Package

In manufacturing, it’s called a black box. In marketing, you can call it a white one.
It’s the box that will contain the new product you want to sell. Months ago, you thought of this product idea, developed it, then showed it to consumers and they really liked it. Maybe you even did some quantitative research. In any case, you heard loud and clear exactly what you wanted to hear. You have the right idea, the right product, at exactly the right time, precisely what you need for success except for one thing: your package is white. Maybe you’ve heard a few names, a design idea or two. You probably had a working name while the product was being developed. Terrific. But for the real world you are going need professional help. And that’s why you should contact AJ Ross Creative Media. Our specialty is turning a white box into an eye catching, consumer stopping, “must-have-it” design. Need help with a name? We can help in a big way. Then, once you have the perfect name and the memorable, ownable, functional or fashionable design your products deserves, we’ll create everything from the sell sheets, to the advertising for Print, Radio or TV. We’ll also come up with the ideal media plan, which means one that gets you noticed and fits your budget. Discover how much AJ Ross Creative Media do for you and your big idea. It may be a white box to some. But to us it represents endless possibilities.

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