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13 years Ago By / AJ Ross Staff

Marketing And Creative

How many times have you heard of someone making an important decision by flipping a coin? Heads or tails you are taking a 50/50 chance. With your business on the line you need better odds.

At AJ Ross Creative Media we know there are two sides to success. Creativity andMarketing . Like heads and tails on a coin. You need both for winning results. Used in concert, by our experienced team of professionals, creativity and marketing will give your message the power it needs to stand out from the rest.

AJ Ross Creative Media is a full-service marketing and advertising agency committed to providing our clients with the tools you need to achieve success. We understand the important role strategic marketing and out-of-the-box creative play in today’s competitive marketplace. Consumers are educated, demanding, and involved. They know they have plenty of choices. You need us to make sure they choose you!

We’ ve put together an award-winning team of media professionals, designers, internetspecialist, writers, directors, and more to make sure that every facet of your project or campaign is accomplished in expert fashion. We have a thorough understanding of the industries in which we work so there are no time-consuming or costly learning curves to overcome. More importantly, we work closely with you to make sure we understand your unique goals, challenges, and opportunities. We take the time to listen so we may develop a plan that meets both your Financial and strategic objectives. After all, you know your business best.

Creativity and Marketing. AJ Ross and Results. Your Business and Success.


The time it takes to flip a coin … that’s all you have to grab a consumer’s attention in today’s fast-paced, message saturated marketplace. That’s why you need your message to stand out from the clutter. AJ Ross Creative Media has the creative expertise to make that happen.
Logo Design * Website * Print * Radio * Direct Mail * TV * Video * E-Commerce * Trade Show Displays * Collateral Materials

At AJ Ross Creative Media , we work with some of the most experienced creative talent in the industry. We’ll take the time to know your company, understand your mission, and feel your passion. Using this wealth of information, we’ll create a powerful identity for your company. This identity, your Brand, will distinguish you in the marketplace, setting you apart from your competition. It will create awareness and build loyalty. Done right, it will be the most important marketing tool your company will ever have.

Our creative team will transform that identity into the medium you need to communicate your message. From Print to broadcast, online to direct response, we’ll develop the materials you need to stand out in the marketplace.


To be effective and generate results, great creative work must be experienced by the consumer.
The other side of the coin – Marketing

Like two sides of a coin, Marketing complements our Creative efforts. At A J Ross Creative Media , we strive to provide our clients with the quality and expertise of a “big-city” agency, without the big-city expense and hassle. We listen carefully to what you want for your company – taking the time to thoroughly understand your unique goals, challenges, and opportunities. Through that understanding, we develop comprehensive strategic marketing plans that will efficiently and effectively maximize your Financial objectives.

AJ Ross Creative Media’s Marketing professionals are experienced in:

Planning * Research * Competitive Analysis * Budgeting * Media Planning and Placement * Evaluation

The extended AJ Ross Marketing team also includes first-class printers, telemarketing call centers, Public Relations specialists, allowing us to be truly full-service in providing for our clients.

We are dedicated to excellence, quality, and satisfaction in all that we do. We wouldn’t ask you to put your name on anything we wouldn ’t be proud to put our name on too. That’s our commitment to you.

Two sides of a coin. Creative and Marketing. AJ Ross and You.

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