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3 years Ago By / AJ Ross Staff

How to Make Your Manufacturing Website Deliver Leads

How to Make Your Manufacturing Website Deliver Leads
Did you know that more than 83% of B2B customers will check out your website before they do business with you?

More than anything else, your website is your public face. It’s probably your first and only chance to drive a transaction. You will be judged by its look, its functionality and its content. If you lose the visitor, you’ve lost the sale.

A High-Quality Website Is as Important for a Parts Manufacturer or Distributor as It Is for an Online Retailer
Today’s markets are driven less by tradition and history than ever, and more by what your online presence tells the world about your company.

After many years of analyzing and creating digital content for manufacturing companies and other B2B (and B2C) clients, here are a few things that our media team has learned that can help you optimize your web presence.

Assume anyone you talk to has already, or is about to, look at your website’s home page
Are you rolling out a new product? Promoting yourself at a trade show? Looking to build a new rep organization? Before you reach out, make sure your Home Page is up to the scrutiny.


Have a professional and polished look
Have you ever gotten really excited about a product or service, gone to the company’s website, and found something that could have been designed by a high school student? What was your perception of that company’s quality, reliability and reputation? Enough said.

Ensure smooth navigation
Any web programmer can create page-to-page ‘navigation’. Unless there’s a coherent plan and structure (which means you’ve anticipated how a visitor will want to experience and explore your site), navigation bars can be a study in frustration and futility. People don’t like to drill down endlessly. And please, no broken links!

Deploy coherent content
Using a professional writer will pay off in visitors who understand what you do and what differentiates your company. Strong, clear content that can be redeployed across multiple platforms will also help you become a thought leader in your industry.

Optimize. Optimize. Optimize. Repeat.
SEO is essential to pull prospects into your electronic sphere. Professionals who know their Search Engine Optimization business are worth their weight in terabytes.

Make your branding consistent across all platforms
If you’re using an old logo on your website, a ‘new’ look on social media and a totally different template for print, you’re missing the boat. It’s like creating three different first impressions instead of reinforcing your impression three times. Be sure to adapt all media to have the same look, feel and messaging.

Are you ready to make that all-important first impression?
A full-service marketing agency can not only help you build the perfect website, but also make sure that all your marketing communications build on its success.

AJ Ross has worked with manufacturers for decades to deliver the results they need to stay ahead of the competition. Whether you’re just beginning to think about your place in the world, or looking for fine-tuning of message vs media, we can help. For more information on our marketing services or to set up a meeting, call 845-783-5770.

NOTE: The statistic came from a 2014 State of B2B Procurement study from the Acquity Group

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