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10 years Ago By / AJ Ross Staff


Hi This is Allan Ross from AJ Ross Creative Media On How To Market Your Business.

I would like to talk about subject dear to me.

Honesty is the Best Policy In Your Advertising Campaign.

If prospective customers don’t believe your message or you, you might as well put out your “Going Out of Business Notice” right now.

Credibility is an important concern when advertising. As a business owner you can’t afford to be viewed by potential customers as anything less than honest, ethical and above board.

Yet few advertisers use more than half of the strategies that build trust in the prospective customer’s mind, according to advertising industry statistics. A recent study found that with major corporations, like major retail and department stores, the average advertisement was implementing only 55% of guidelines for trustworthy advertising design. Smaller companies tend to use even fewer of the recommendations.

Here are some suggestions you can use to Communicate Credibility In Your Advertising Campaigns

  1. Make sure that all your contact information about your company is complete and easy to find. Especially important is making your Website information visible.
  2. Make good use of color and photos in your advertising. Usually smaller companies tend to cut corners because of budget concerns. By adding color photos it helps to raise your level of credibility. Photos help your prospective customers trust you because they come to feel they know you.
  3. If you are selling something make sure you don’t make prospects look all over for the price. Price it fair and put it there.
  4. Make sure your advertisement looks professional, is up to date, and is free of spelling and punctuation mistakes.
  5. If you require a specific disclaimer, Display it and let your prospects know why it is important.
    Make sure your prospective customers can reach someone quickly if they have questions, need help, or wish to do business with you.
  6. Give your prospective customers what they are looking for. If they’re looking for information on a particular service, don’t make them read through a three page brochure about your company before they get to the instructions.

According to and old saying, “Honesty is the best policy.” If you want to be successful in advertising, it’s an essential policy as well.

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