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9 years Ago By / AJ Ross Staff

Graphic Design Tips for Newbies #4


This is a lesson I have learned many times here at AJ Ross. When working on a project you always have to sit back and think who am I targeting. This audience is who you are going to try to sell to, so you have to design with them in mind. You are trying to get a message across, and if you make a design that is not appealing to who you are trying to reach out to, then the design is going to fail. For example, if you are marketing a toy, you do not want a design that is to formaI. Instead you would want something playful and colorful. Doing many different projects I have learned that it is important to brain storm and put myself in the shoes of the audience in order to develop a direction that will be successful. It sometimes takes a few tries, but in the end your audience will love it.

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