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5 years Ago By / AJ Ross Staff

FYI: Visual Thesaurus



Today’s installation of FYI is a resource that we frequently use here at AJRoss. The resource is a website titled Visual Thesaurus- The site is quite literally a visual thesaurus. When a word is typed into the search bar an animated word map appears on the screen. Synonyms branch from the featured word, and are clickable to their own word maps. There are endless amounts of maps programmed into the site. The mobile branches create an interesting visual effect while being extremely useful when searching for an impactful alternative word. A speech feature is available to help with pronunciation. The site also provides word definitions, along with other grammatical uses and variations of the word. Our team uses this site frequently because it not only provides everything a regular thesaurus has but also displays it in a visually pleasing way- and we are all about visuals here at AJRoss.




Give it a try and as always comment on your experiences with these tips and resources on our face book page, we use your input to create these posts!

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