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5 years Ago By / AJ Ross Staff

FYI: Social Media Optimization Tips

FYISocial media has become an integral part of many successful businesses’ marketing strategies. Many businesses often overlook the fact that posting on social media can be a gateway link to their website on Google Search. Today’s FYI post highlights a couple tips that will help you make the most out of your business’s Social Media Marketing.

Tip 1 Stay Connected

Link your social media posts to your website and vice versa. Make sure the option to share the post- on several social media platforms- is also available on your website. This makes the job easy for your followers to share the post by simply clicking a button instead of the old school copy and paste method. The easier it is for your followers to share, the more they will actually do it!

Tip 2   Keep it up!

It is easy to simply create a profile by adding a profile picture, cover photo, and basic information about your product or service. The hard part is keeping up with it. It is important that all of the information provided on your social media account echoes that of your website and brand. It is also important to keep up with the posts. That way your followers are constantly engaging in your content and hopefully sharing it on their own pages for others to see.

Tip 3 SEO Keywords

SEO Keywords are hugely important when it comes down to people searching for your product or service online. Which is why it is important to incorporate these keywords into your website and social media posts. Face book, for example, is highly rated on Google’s search engine, so it is likely that your post will come up on top in a search if the correct keyword phrases are being utilized in your Face book post. Give your business a powerful competitive advantage by taking the extra time to incorporate these phrases.

Tip 4 Brand Your Images

Make sure the featured images you are using to promote a post are relevant to the subject of the post, but also have your brand incorporated somehow. Use this opportunity to convey your brand while also being engaging and informative. It is as simple as adding your logo to the photograph or using company colors in a visual illustration.

Side note: It is also important to use recommended size guidelines for the social media platform you are posting on so that the image is presented clear and correctly.

Tip 5 Sharing is Caring

Include your followers in posts, start conversations. Don’t just post to the page and call it a day. It is important to stay involved so that your followers know that you care and are passionate about helping them with your service or product.


Hope these tips were helpful! Stay tuned for more FYI posts and please comment with topic suggestions.


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