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What Is Slack?

Slack is an all in one program. It’s a great organization tool for running a business, teaching a classroom, and even file sharing between friends or family. Some cool features are Channels, Private Channels, and Direct messaging. Each line of communication serves a different purpose.

Why Use Slack? Aren’t there other file sharing websites?

It helps you keep your teams communication all in one place. If you’re a supervisor of a business and you’re running the team site.  One big advantage of having slack is you won’t have to bother your employees for there work. All files will be under their name. All you have to do is click through a few pages and theres the clients job. Slack makes life easier to communicate faster and more efficient.

One thing Slack has over there competitors is the direct messaging feature. It acts like a social media website allowing members to  interact directly with one another. Google Drive does have a similar feature, however, the overall design for Google Drive is complex. Slack is more to the point. Its simple to use and has similar features to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The Channel feature is just like a newsfeed on social media. Also slack allows members to see who is online. Lastly, you can sync files from Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box to your Slack account.

Whats the price?

Slack can be used for free. There is no set time limit. The only catch it has a limit for the amount of space a team can use. For the free version it’s 5GB shared between the whole team. So, if your site has a lot members. You might want to consider buying a standard package for bigger storage capacity.

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