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5 years Ago By / AJ Ross Staff

FYI: Color Theory


Color theory is very important in the design and marketing world. Our minds are programmed to subconsciously respond to color.  Besides our mood, color has the ability to shape our buying habits, which is why it is so important in the branding process to pick a color that speaks to your product and the individual seeking out your product.

Color can invoke as much as an 80 percent change in motivation when
it comes to online shopping, advertising,and marketing campaigns.

Instead of using an infographic, we wanted to illustrate color theory Game of Thrones style.  We will mostly discuss the colors in a general sense and how they would be used in marketing , but we also added a quick statement on how they represent the house as well.  So for those of you who haven’t seen the show and want to..SPOILER ALERT.



Gray: Knowledge, Wisdom, Classic, Neutral, Conservative, Pure

Gray is a neutral, cool color. It is often used as type or an accent within logos because it works well with other colors.  It is used across multiple industries in marketing to create balance and simplicity, or to represent technology, electronics because of its metallic look.

Gray represents pure, traditional values which is certainly reflected in the Stark family. Through each season they have dealt with heartache and loss with immense strength and courage.



Red:  Energy, Power, Determination, Strength, Attraction

Red is an attention grabbing color.  It is used typically in food, health, beauty, and entertainment logos, because of its stimulating effect.  It is an intense color that can summon strong emotions.  It is used in logo design to grip the viewers’ attention and has been known to raise one’s blood pressure or make people hungry.

Red represents anger, power, and passion.  The unpopular Lannister’s claim power and fortune while struggling to keep hold of their position with forceful anger.  Aside from Jamie Lannister who has developed a conscience over time, using that same determination that helped build an empire he’s fought to bring his family back together.



Blue: Trustworthy, Dependable, Committed, Calming, Strong, Secure

Red:  Energy, Power, Determination, Strength, Attraction, Passion

Blue is often used in corporate business because it is productive and non-invasive.  It creates a sense of security and trust in a brand.  Most people say that they like at least one shade of blue.  It is the most popular color in logo design, and can be seen extensively in government, medical, and fortune 500 company logos.

There are contrasting sides to each color which certainly reflects in the contrasting personalities between the Tully sisters who both rule House Tully.  While Blue represents loyalty, it also has a cold, dark side to it.  Red represents passion, but also creates a sense of anger.  Catelyn Tully represents the positive side of the two colors, while her insane sister Lysa represents the negative.



Green: Growth, Harmony, Freshness, Safety, Money, Wealth, Health

Green is a relaxing color.  Green represents life and renewal.  It is a restful and soothing color.  You can often find it used in companies that want to portray themselves as eco-friendly.  It is also associated with the wealthy, so you may find it used in branding for financial services such as banks.

The color green shows a love for growth, which is certainly reflected in Margaery Tyrell’s intense goal to be queen.  She is also represented as a natural beauty who appreciates nature, her grandmother loves to hold afternoon parties in the garden surrounded by beautiful flowers.



Yellow: Optimistic, Playful, Youthful, Happy, Positive, Intellect

Yellow is a stimulating color that may produce feelings of optimism and youthfulness. Yellow can have conflicting messages, it is bright and highly visible.  It is often used in logo design to get attention or to create happiness and warmth.  You can see the color yellow being used on many caution signs as well as branding for children’s products.

Stannis Baratheon is represented as serious business man.  He is all about creating strategies and increasing his status. His personality is big and in-your-face which is reflected in the color yellow.


Black: Authority, Bold, Classic, Conservative, Distinctive, Elegant

Red:  Energy, Power, Determination, Strength, Attraction, Passion

Symbolizes menace or evil, popular as an indicator of power.  Found in many logos for its boldness, simplicity and sophistication.

Both red and black are strong when combined, red is passionate, while black is dramatic and protective.  Daenerys Targaryen’s personality is a perfect mix of the two, she is passionate about everything she does, and when she does something it is certainly bold.


In conclusion, each color has heavy influence on people’s emotions, which effects their buying habits.  It is always important to carefully consider color when creating a brand for you product or business so that you may gain recognition. 

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