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11 years Ago By / AJ Ross Staff

Economic Development Advertising and Marketing That Works

Our agency has experience creating and implementing successful strategies that attract developers and industries from all over the world.

We can help put your region on the map. Our team of marketing, advertising, web, and social media professionals work together to conceive and execute a coordinated strategy that puts you front and center of the major decision makers – real estate brokers, developers, site selection coordinators. Below is case study of how we did just that for The Orange County Partnership (OCP), a private, not-for-profit economic development agency that serves as the one-stop resource for business development in Orange County, New York.


In analyzing the communication between OCP and its main target audience, we identified that OCP needed to broaden the geographic confines of its audience; increase brand awareness; and market local incentives. Our firm then developed a comprehensive advertising and marketing plan that included:

  • Social media profiles for Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Print campaign in trade, national and local publications
  • Revisions to social and website content – direct and fact oriented to speak directly to target audience wants/needs

The Results of OCP’s Economic Development Advertising and Marketing Plan

Our service significantly improved OCP’s messaging and brand awareness. As a result, OCP saw a spike in inquiries and qualified leads. “We embarked upon a very strategic marketing campaign under the direction of A.J. Ross Creative Media who worked with us to target opportunities. We reached hundreds of thousands of corporate leaders in our efforts and marketed through a strategic PR and marketing plan reaching over 50,000 individuals” – Maureen Hallahan, President

Measured Strategy Results – 2 Months:

  • 100 calls
  • 15 different leads that resulted in visits to sites
  • 1 project closed
  • Developed new relationships with commercial brokers and site-selectors from outside network
  • Website had marked increase in visits and many of them were INTERNATIONAL

We continue to work with Orange County Partnership and all of their business ventures.

See what our economic development advertising and marketing services can do for your area.

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