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6 months Ago By / AJ Ross Staff

Does my form function?

In my time as a graphic designer, one of the most crucial pieces of design advice I have been given is to remember visual hierarchy.  Visual hierarchy is the way different elements are placed on a page based on their significance.

When given the pieces to create a new design, the first thing a designer should consider is what information is considered to be the most important especially if the overall design is intended to sell a product, service, or idea.  The most important information should be the most prominent on the page, and the rest should be placed accordingly.

With hierarchy, it is also important to remember the idea of form versus function.  While the presence and look of a design are important, if the design doesn’t function the way it is meant to, then it defeats its whole purpose.  Good design will grab the consumer’s attention in the right places but still make an overall aesthetically pleasing design.

A few tools a designer can use to create visual hierarchy include size, position, negative space, color, contrast, repetition, and alignment.  All of these tools help communicate an idea and showcase a prominent point while using skill to carry your audience’s eye around your design.

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