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10 years Ago By / AJ Ross Staff

Customized Facebook Apps

Social Media, specifically Facebook, has clearly surpassed the phase of just being a trend and has become a business standard. Having a Facebook page validates your Brand and allows you to communicate with huge audiences on a daily basis. But simply creating a Facebook account will only get you so far. You want to grab your audience’s attention, and get them to share what they’ve found with the millions of others on Facebook by getting them to “like” you. Accumulating “likes” is one of the main goals of having a business Facebook page, so we use a customized application to entice every visitor to click that button.

Not sure why “likes” are so important? They represent Brand support, and are visable to countless amount of people. Each “like” means you are reaching and exposing the company to a new person and their list of Facebook friends. All of these people will then be directed to your site, which will produce more “likes” and create a contact list that will continue to build upon itself. In other words, it has the ability to go viral, which means reaching a limitless amount of people for free .

Using the AJ Ross Facebook, we can explain just how custom apps work. The initial page that a newcomer will see is the key in maintaining interest. Now that you’ve established the goal is to gain “likes”, we have to give a reason to click the button. Using a masking feature to blur the contents of the page underneath allows the page visitor to see what they could be experiencing. All they have to do to have access to the page below is click the “like” button: a small and easy gesture for them, but a success in the eyes of the business.

Once you attain the “like” then you have to make it worth their while. A professionally and properly put together page will keep visual interest, and having business relevant links will prove that your Facebook page offers much more than just a wall to view. Still using the AJ Ross Facebook app as an example, you can see that we offer a variety of Marketing and Advertising related links to not only show what the company is about, but also to offer experience and knowledge so the page visitor knows there is something in it for them.

Once the Facebook user clicks on one of the different options, another technique used in the app is the light box feature. This allows the user to view what they chose, but without directing them away from the business page. They get a brief overview of what the topic is, and have the option to download more or to visit our site. Other than the company Website, you don’t want the visitor to be guided outside of the app and Facebook page, so using this feature is a way of having all roads lead back to your business.

This is just one example of the many types of custom Facebook Apps we can create.The possibilities are endless with what can be created, and the more unique, the more attention it will get. Having a Facebook App allows your business to reach an unlimited audience and keep them interested enough to return to the page. Remember, anyone can have a Facebook account, so staying ahead of the curve with a custom app will give your business a sense of validity and be sure to improve its growth. Start taking advantage of all the great advertising benefits of social media, and contact us to find out what kind of custom app makes sense for your business.

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