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Legal Marketing that works?

Trust an agency with over 26 years of experience

Potential clients are searching the internet trying to find the best attorney for their case. So, it is imperative that law firms have a strong online presence. A firm’s website could be the first – and maybe the only – chance it has of showcasing capabilities, strength, and credibility. Even if a firm is the best for the case, if a website doesn’t demonstrate this, potential clients may move on to the competition. We help prevent that from happening.

Beautiful Designs. Big Results.

We understand that a great first impression involves the perfect blend of design and information. That is why our agency uses a full-service approach. We start by learning everything we can about your firm - practice areas, successful verdicts and settlements, reported cases, attorney bios, how it attracts clients. Once we understand your culture, we develop a website that evokes emotion and showcases your firm's personality, success, and experience.

The Legal Marketing Experience You Need

AJ Ross Creative Media has served as the creative agency for law firms throughout the New York area for over 26 years. Drawing on our deep knowledge of the legal audience and artistic vision, we design modern websites that highlight the concerns weighing on the minds of potential clients and the firm's expertise in alleviating them. It's all about online visibility and the user experience, so our sites incorporate:

• Responsive designs that display properly on desktop, tablet and mobile devices
• Carefully considered, streamlined navigation
• Seamless integration with other mediums, including social media channels
• The right structure for search engine optimized content


Sholes & Miller LLP is a law firm based in Dutchess County, New York. While the firm has a strong reputation for representing the vast legal needs of health professionals and facilities, over the years its practice areas branched out to include Litigation, Personal Injury, Higher Education/Title IX, Wills/Trusts/Estates, and Business Law. The firm needed a new design that showcased all of its offerings.

One Site, Multiple Practice Areas

Working with the firm’s partners, we identified target client types then designed an architecture that highlighted correlating practice areas through drop-down navigation, on-page copy, and internal page linking.

Brand Development Ad Agency NY
Brand Development Ad Agency NY

Clean, Contemporary Design

For a modern feel, we incorporated large header graphics with short, succinct headlines to grab a visitor’s attention. Informational copy focusing on the firm’s expertise was organized by sections with coordinating graphics, allowing the messaging to resonate with the reader.

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Mobile Friendly

With mobile search now exceeding desktop, a responsive site is a necessity. With our design, smart phone users can easily navigate to all practice areas, attorney profiles, and other firm information, and simply click to call.

Brand Development Ad Agency NY
Brand Development Ad Agency NY

Spotlight on Success

To keep things fresh and draw attention to the firm’s experience and expertise, we made sure to prominently feature navigation tabs for Verdicts and News on the top of every page.

Continuous Collaboration

With constantly evolving technological innovations, we maintain ongoing collaborations with our clients to keep their websites fresh and current. We always have an eye on designing and delivering visionary digital experiences and pushing for better results.

Legal Web Design by AJRoss Creative Media