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We’re a private, not-for-profit, economic development office in New York. We were founded 30 years ago by private sector and business industry leaders. Our focus is to attract new business and assist companies here in Orange County with their expansion needs. Our goal is to create more jobs for our residents.

AJ Ross worked with our organization long before I came onboard. They created our brand and worked with the partnership for several years. Our CEO at the time changed to another firm for a while.

New Strategy and Materials for
Marketing Initiatives

One of the things that they taught us years ago was to get ourselves into the Wall Street Journal. AJ Ross created an opportunity for us to target a very select group of commercial real estate brokers and site selectors within the New York Metro Area. AJ Ross created an insert for the New York Times that landed on their desks and pushed them back into our office. We had some very big success stories out of those campaigns. Now, when we do things like geofencing and targeting industry sectors, we’re using the technology that is available to us today. The team does a lot of that for us as well as print material, all of our web work, and all of our search engine optimization.

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Driving Traffic To The New Website

AJ Ross worked to push information to our attendees and drive them back to our website and sites that we wanted them to see. The increase in activity on our website during those couple of days of that conference was enormous. An invaluable service they provide is their willingness to meet with us on a regular basis to discuss new technologies and opportunities. The team educate and enlighten us on anything in the marketplace that would be beneficial to improve awareness for the partnership. AJ Ross is a very hands-on organization, and they proactively ensure that we’re using cutting-edge marketing.


When the tide started to turn, we did far better than our competition in the New York Metro Area and neighboring regions. I think a lot of that is attributed to the smart planning and extending ourselves more during that time. This quality of work is who they are. AJ Ross bring’s a lot to the table. Sometimes, we can’t afford everything they offer, but they work with us to stay within our budget. They’re a cutting-edge marketing firm and always make sure that we’re in the right place.

The genius behind AJ Ross is that they are always focused on raising awareness of the brand. I always wanted to hit our goals of getting new business and attracting new leads and opportunities. In addition to that, they taught us the importance of creating a brand that people know they can go to for excellent service. We now incorporate that into everything we do.

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