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10 years Ago By / AJ Ross Staff

AJ Ross Completes Orange County Travel Guide For 2011

The 2011 Orange County Travel Guide is here! Whether you’re planning a full vacation, weekend getaway or even just a day excursion, the Travel Guide is now available to make your trip everything you want. AJ Ross and the staff at Orange County Tourism designed a beautiful and informative guide complete with gorgeous photos of the area, a wide variety of activity categories, and details on travel, transportation and lodging. There are so many choices on places to go and new things to do, that even the oldest Orange County native will find something new and exciting. It’s designed strategically to be easy to read and navigate through, so that planning visits are a breeze, even if you’ve never been to the area. Whether it’s the 1 st time or the 100 th time, the Orange County Travel Guide is sure to make you want to explore what Orange County has to offer.

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