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7 Marketing Mistakes Most Law Firms Are Making
3 years Ago By / AJ Ross Staff

Is Your Law Firm Making These 7 Marketing Mistakes?

Many law firms often overlook the benefits that strong marketing campaigns can have on the success of their business. What lawyers miss out on is the opportunity to make meaningful connections with potential clients while advertising their specialties and values. Without the knowledge of how to make productive, revenue-generating use of traditional and digital marketing, law firms will continue to allow business opportunities to slip through their hands.

If you have been making the following mistakes, you are not alone. However, making changes to your current marketing plan in collaboration with the right marketing agency will allow your law firm to benefit from contemporary marketing trends and networking practices.


Many lawyers tend to speak as if they are talking to other lawyers. You should take time to understand your audience and speak their language. For example, if someone is injured at work, they want to find an experienced personal injury lawyer who can get them the compensation they deserve. They do not want to spend hours reading about what personal injury is. They want to learn the fastest path to understanding the situation from a legal perspective, your experience in the matter, and how to reach you. At AJ Ross Creative Media, we help law firms create a comprehensive marketing campaign by working with them to understand who their clients are and how to reach them on their level.


The average law firm invests 2.5% of its gross revenues on marketing. Smart marketing is about working with an agency to set a budget that won’t break the bank, while investing enough into your law firm’s marketing to be effective. We utilize strategies that are appropriate for each client’s business and budget.


Working with the right firm to create content that is precisely crafted to deliver information to potential clients is essential to the outcome and longevity of your marketing strategy. Formulating the right language will ensure people understand the services that you offer and the value that you can bring to them. Too many law firms provide potential clients with information that either overwhelms them or they cannot understand. Don’t make the same mistake. Spend time getting your message across in the content that you write. AJ Ross Creative Media works with clients regularly to create clear, concise, and appropriate content for each website, post, or project that we produce.


Many law firms implement marketing strategies without creating a plan or collecting data to generate analytics. This offers no platform for analyzing the success of a digital marketing campaign. At AJ Ross Creative Media, we keep track of the traffic that is driven through new marketing techniques. You will be able to both understand the market better and see the extent to which your personalized marketing campaign impacted your business. We will handle all data from the campaigns that we create and analyze it for you. You will be able to see precisely how impactful the campaign or post was in terms of traffic and time invested by potential clients.


Marketing is about maintaining relationships with existing clients and reaching new prospects. Creating relationships builds value by generating repeat and evergreen clients and referrals. We utilize various mediums and marketing techniques to inform your clients of what is new and exciting around your firm, as well as to create awareness around your firm’s abilities and specialties. By including both existing and new clients on email-blasts, the name of your law firm will continue to stay fresh in your current client’s mind, improving retention rate, and be introduced to prospects. Marketing is about reaching new clients while maintaining relationships with existing ones. Create relationships with them in order to learn what they value and why they chose you. Not only will this help you get business through word of mouth and personal recommendations but it will.


Don’t be afraid to collaborate with your marketing and advertising agency to achieve the best results. At AJ Ross Creative Media, we work closely with all clients to create the experience that they are looking for. As a hands-on firm, we spend plenty of time with our clients, either face-to-face or on the phone, working to understand their needs. We are always looking to hear your feedback and your voice in the campaigns that we create for your business.


Social media allows for businesses to reach over 2 billion users every day, increase loyalty, create a following, network with other businesses and professionals, and reach new clients and customers. Social media is not just a tool for kids and teens to connect with one another; it is a platform upon which businesses can create community.

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Not every platform is right for every business. We work with all of our clients to identify what social media platforms will work best for their marketing plan. It’s about making a presence at the appropriate time and place in order to connect with the right people. When you pick the platforms best suited for your firm, with the right agency, you will not need to spend excessive amounts of time managing your social media accounts to see results. Through the methods we use at AJ Ross, we are able to target specific consumers and clients by demographic. This allows us to control exactly who will be viewing your post.

Afraid of negative comments and reviews? Don’t be; dissatisfied clients will always find a way to share their experience online. Use social media as a means of controlling the conversation. 80% of people trust a business that responds to negative reviews, rather than businesses who delete or ignore negative comments. You also have the option of deactivating comments or filtering comments before they are posted.

Although these 7 marketing mistakes are commonly made by law firms, they are easily avoided. Find the right agency that can help you to be at the cutting-edge of marketing trends and techniques. For more information how AJ Ross Creative Media can help you with your marketing efforts call us at (845) 783-5770 or email us at

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