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Who Needs Video? You Do!

Video has stopping power like no other medium. It offers a unique chance to tell your story, engage your audience and drive traffic to your website. But compelling video production is a lot more than just aiming a camera pressing ‘record.’ At AJ Ross, we help you identify your audience and locate where they are active online. Then we create engaging content that makes them stop, watch and stay until the end. Because it only takes a second to click away, and if they’re not interested, you’ve lost an opportunity. (And wasted your video production budget.)

As a full-service marketing communications agency, we excel at producing compelling videography that never loses sight of your brand communication. From initial consultation to end product and placement, our seasoned professionals make the entire process easy.

Small Investment, Big Results
At a price you can afford

Corporate Video

We can make a big production out of your small company.

Not so big (yet)? Video gives you a chance to look like a player, without having to buy ad time on the Superbowl. Vlogs, on-camera client testimonials, video-enhanced social media posts, even surprisingly affordable streaming ads help build major brand awareness. Our online experts can help you get major impact without spending big bucks.

(together on one screen, where Discover Your Story and Compelling Content are now)

Social Media Video

One shoot, multiple uses.

The beauty of cutting-edge video production technology is that we can shoot it once and use it across multiple platforms: sponsored advertising, website, social media, trade shows, you name it. We work with you on strategy and audience identification from day one, as we help you refine your message and your visual look.

Video production services

Efficient production =
on-budget delivery.

Our team prides itself on organization and teamwork. Our video editors work side-by-side with our graphic designers, translating to less time in the field and a faster turn-around in Post Production.

Video Production

Discover Your
Unique Voice

Video gives your company a face, and a chance to speak directly to your audience. Whether you need something as simple as an expertly videographed product demonstration, or as complex as a scripted corporate video with professional actors and multiple locations, we can help you create the words, images and messages that communicate your story.

Showcase Your Strengths Compelling Content

What does your company do best? Don’t just tell people, show it off. We understand how to take advantage of multiple platforms – from Facebook and YouTube, to online ads, to your own website or trade show – to put your words into action, and engage people with your brand.

Video Production Video Production Video Production

Website Video
Web Video

Bring Your Brand to Market
To Maximize Your Potential

AJ Ross offers something that your average video studio can’t: a depth of strategic thinking and marketing savvy, plus a breadth of tactics in our toolkit that only comes from decades of helping companies, both local and worldwide, build visibility, credibility and sales. Let us do the same for you.

Social Media Video Social Media Video Social Media Video

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