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Rely on one of the leading display advertising companies in the New York Area

Display advertising is all around us. It takes advantage of a captive audience as they go through their daily activities – driving past your billboard on the way to work, strolling past a product display in their favorite store, pushing a shopping cart with banner advertising, on top of a taxi while stopped in traffic, walking past a banner when catching a train or going by a trade show booth at an EXPO.

Some Interesting Display Advertising Statistics

As a full service advertising and marketing firm, we create collateral that reinforce and enhance your promotional efforts:

  • Over the last 25 years the number of vehicles on the road has increased by 129% increasing the value of billboard advertising.
  • More people spend more time more often in supermarkets than anywhere else in the community and the shopping cart is the first thing a consumer grabs when they walk into the store.
  • Commercial vehicle advertising on taxis, buses and even cars reaches its targeted consumer, they go where people go, where people work, where people live, shop and play.

Featured Display Projects

Billboard with text 'We do DOT physicals'
Billboard with text 'All Riders Welcome'
billboard with text 'feel the active difference'
Billboard with text: 'In the city that never sleeps neither do we'

Why We Are One of the Top Display Advertising Companies

As your business grows reaching your target audience requires going beyond everyday marketing efforts. It’s understanding all the options and weighing what is cost effecting for your end goals – within your budget. As a full service marketing and advertising agency we are always looking at everything your business is involved in or should be involved in to increase your brand awareness and keep continuity.

Call us today to learn how incorporating display advertising in your advertising and marketing campaigns can help your business.

One of the leading marketing firms in NY, AJ Ross Creative Media – based in the Hudson Valley – serves clients from Orange County NY to Orange County CA.

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