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You can gain market share and increase your traffic with an experienced Real Estate Marketing Firm as your partner

A Digital First Strategy gives your message the highest possible search visible and drives the best quality traffic to your website. AJ Ross Creative Media is a full-service advertising and marketing firm specializing in real estate marketing for commercial and residential developers and builders. AJ Ross Creative Media has been developing successful marketing and sales tools for real estate clients for decades.

AJ Ross Creative Media is dedicated to bringing value-added marketing strategies and fresh ideas to the real estate and new home construction industries. Whether you operate in a quiet rural setting or a fast-paced urban locale, AJ Ross Creative Media can communicate your vision and sell your properties across a multitude of platforms and devices.

AJ Ross Creative Media will take the time to learn how your operation works, find your strengths and uncover your current marketing plan’s pain points. You will receive a full suite of design elements for branding from logo design to website, from business cards to billboards. Do you need an app for that? AJ Ross Creative Media will look at all options digital, print and broadcast to build a marketing plan that can achieve your goals. Whether you need ‘traditional’ branding, advertising and collateral, or if you are in need of the most recent Social Media and website innovations. From direct mail pieces to video, from print/online ads, newsletters, brochures, radio/TV commercials to email marketing, retargeting, remarketing and video-pre-roll, you can be sure you have experts on your team ready to make your project happen.

Real Estate Developers

AJ Ross Creative Media understands that you take the most risk with a new development, and have the largest number of details to handle. Whether you’re breaking new ground, doing a historic remodel or apartment conversion, or creating affordable or senior housing, you can trust AJ Ross to guide you on every aspect of marketing. AJ Ross Creative Media can build a suite of advertising methods to sell your project across all avenues. This will allow you to focus on what you do best, building-out your vision. AJ Ross Creative Media has a documented history of supporting developers and builders of residential and commercial properties.

Builders and New Home Construction

Count on Experience. AJ Ross Creative Media knows construction and the challenges you face. AJ Ross Creative Media helps contractors and home builders connect with buyers. Gain from the expertise and insight into customer wants, needs and buying habits to promote your properties. Select from a full array of digital, print and broadcast marketing services. Let AJ Ross Creative Media give you an early opportunity to build a standout marketing communications program that will deliver the results you need. Getting your message in the right format to the target audience will help you sell out quickly. AJ Ross Creative Media offers you a team of professional media strategists focused on residential and commercial building projects.


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Real Estate Marketing

Residential Real Estate Marketing is all about finding the concerns of potential buyers and elevating their pain points through targeted messaging. A consumer making the biggest economic decision of their life wants to be instilled with confidence. Whether you are targeting a particular age or economic demographic, or looking to lure people outside of their current geographic range, you need to reach them where they live now – which often means integrating digital media into traditional campaigns. AJ Ross Creative Media can help maximize your touchpoints across all devices and convey your unique story with confidence.

Real Estate Marketing

AJ Ross Creative Media offers you a collaborative approach to your marketing. As your professional ad agency, you can gain insight to strategies and media options to reach your target audience. You need to be able to communicate the “why and how” your property will be your audience’s best option for the success of their business. AJ Ross Creative Media has a comprehensive understanding of how important aspects of your project will bring in prospects. The infrastructure, access to transportation and shipping, zoning, and tax considerations are critical your potential buyers. AJ Ross Creative Media can sell your location’s benefits to those target buyers and reach them efficiently in their desired format and device.

AJ Ross Creative Media offers you an experienced team that specializes in residential and commercial real estate marketing and digital advertising. AJ Ross Creative Media can help you sell in any economic climate by effectively reaching your target audience.

Whether you are in the beginning or middle of the life cycle of your real estate project, you can get professional assistance in marketing your properties. AJ Ross Creative Media can work on brand new properties and developments from concept to sell through, or help you close out your final units. You can get professional assistance with marketing materials and digital strategies. From your logo to your social media branding and paid placement strategy, you get the best services with AJ Ross Creative Media.

You can partner with AJ Ross Creative Media. You can get your development in front of your target audience in the right media with the right message. Your company can receive the recognition and subsequent sales you deserve. Call right now to find out how your real estate project can be turned into a success story.


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42% of home buyers, first step in the home-buying process was looking online for properties

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