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Media Buying Agency Ulster County

A Media Buying Agency In New York, New Jersey, & The Hudson Valley With Strong Relationships And A Stellar Reputation

Given AJ Ross Creative Media’s strategy of using publicity as a primary tool in achieving our clients’ goals, media-relations services are a critically important area in almost all of our programs. Accordingly, we have developed and maintain a vast number of relationships with key editors, writers, reporters and producers in every corner of the media world – daily newspapers; wire services; trade, consumer and business/financial magazines; broadcast and cable television programs; local and national radio; and new media outlets. Through these contacts, we have a reputation among the media for accuracy, straightforwardness and professionalism that brings an extra measure of credibility to our interactions with the press on behalf of our clients.

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Our Agency’s Media Buying Strategy

First Qualify . . . The shortcoming of many forms of media is that you’re forced to take a “shotgun” approach to advertising, meaning that your message reaches everyone regardless of whether or not they’re a qualified candidate. The more focused the media is, the more likely it is to create a return on investment.

Then Quantify . . . Once our agency has evaluated all forms of media as being demographically appropriate, we then evaluate the cost associated with reaching each potential customer. If you can predict how many of those candidates will materialize into a “sale”, you can then predict your cost per sale or your “true” acquisition costs.

Then Evaluate . . . Once our preparation is complete and a media source has been selected, we create a process for evaluating its effectiveness. Although all products and services cannot be tracked directly to the advertising source, we design a case-by-case methodology to insure your media purchases are successful.

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Successful media buying is about who you know—and we know them all!

At AJ Ross, our philosophy on purchasing media is to make recommendations based on predictable outcomes and returns on investment. Successful business is about working with whom you know, so use our years of research and experience in various markets with all mediums to do it right the first time.

A Media Buying Agency based in New York (NY ‘s) Hudson Valley, we proudly serve clients from Orange County NY to Orange County CA.

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