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Digital vs Traditional Marketing

How They’re Different, and Why You Need Both

Your Most Important Marketing Tool is Knowledge

Effective marketing strategies are almost never carried out in one particular medium. Being able to reach your target market requires a strong plan and a set of strategies that utilize all relevant and available avenues. In today’s increasingly digitized world, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that simply having a website is enough for a sufficient digital presence. The truth, however, is that you need a plan that uses both digital and traditional means to reach your audience. At AJ Ross we’ve spent 25 years refining our ability to create custom-tailored marketing strategies that combine digital mediums like websites, social media campaigns and email campaigns with traditional approaches such as brochures, collateral materials and road-side billboards. Contact us today to see how we can help your business reach it’s marketing potential.

Digital Marketing

The digital frontier is still in it’s relative infancy, but it’s important that businesses jump in and start executing their marketing vision across digital channels. While the comfort of traditional avenues may seem like enough, a well-planned digital campaign can really take your business to the next level.

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Traditional Marketing

While the digital side of the equation appears to dominate the marketing sphere, the divide between traditional and digital has never been more false. A great maketing plan will compliment a solid digital campaign with an equally engaging traditional angle. Nothing cements brand trust like a well-printed business card or a captivating product presentation.

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Reaching full marketing-potential is never easy. It requires deep collaboration between clients and marketers, and a fundamental understanding of how we communicate in our ever-shrinking world. Every project is going to have a unique set of avenues that work in parallel. It’s important that your marketing agency has the experience to make it all come together. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking one-dimensional marketing is enough. Let AJ Ross work with your business to take your marketing presence to new heights.

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