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Television Advertising For New York and National Markets

Despite the Internet’s ever increasing popularity, TV watching remains one of the most common daily activities. In fact, the general population spends over four and a half hours of their day’s attention watching television!

So, don’t be misled – television advertising is still the most powerful form of advertising

Television programming provides a built-in diverse and captive audience. In addition, television advertising is not confined to the visual and space limitations of other invaluable mediums—such as print and radio. We take advantage of these two elements, helping you reach targeted consumers—be it in New York City, nationally, or regionally—at their most attentive time through stunningly creative combinations of visuals, audio, motion, and product/service demonstration.

The AJ Ross team of award-winning writers and composers, musicians, engineers, voice and acting talent are among the best in the business. Whether your television advertising need is for a national production or local television, AJ Ross Creative Media has the experience and price point to fit your budget, goals, and expectations.

Featured Television Projects

Still not sure why you should choose television advertising and our New York firm? We’ll sum it up for you:

• Larger audience.

• Attentive viewers.

• Targeted consumers.

• Powerful visual, audio, motion and demonstration of product or service.

• Creative, experienced, award-winning professionals.

• Television Advertising Agency in New York‘s Hudson Valley, we proudly serve clients in the NY area from Orange County NY to Orange County CA.

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