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Social Media Can Catapult Your Business

Websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In have replaced direct mail to become fast and direct ways to reach your key demographic and have it be passed on to others. Aside from the benefit of saving postage and printing costs for direct mail, Social Media is at a huge advantage by having the ability to go ‘viral’, meaning it could be passed on indefinitely until it reaches more people than you could possibly imagine. Taking advantage of these great networking tools is a great way to grow your business, however simply having a Facebook page is not enough. Utilizing these ‘social’ media tools to their full potential means actually being social and finding a unique way to engage your audience.





Custom pages, Apps, YouTube Channels and More!

Today it’s new, tomorrow it’s a business standard. That’s how we now look back at things like email and websites, and it’s only a matter of time before Social Media joins the list. The busy business world is rapidly looking for a way to keep their audience at their fingertips 24 hours a day. The answer is Social Media.

I already have a functional website.
Why do I need Social Media?

Reach more people and have to opportunity to interact with them

Huge audience: Facebook users alone went from 350 million users in 2010, to 640 million in 2011

Instant results: Half of all Facebook users log in on a daily basis

70% of consumers indicated that a company’s Social Media account influenced their purchase decisions, so having a site validates the company

Featured Social Media Projects

Cell Phone displaying motionlab's responsive website
Cell Phone displaying Active's responsive website
Cell Phone displaying Ostrer responsive website

A Social Media Agency With a Pulse on the Market

At AJ Ross we take Social Media to a level that creates interest and keeps your brand ahead of your competitor. Being experienced in all of the Social Media platforms allows us to effectively determine which sites are right for your business. We create customized Facebook and Twitter pages, You Tube Channels, and applications for Facebook. Once these are created and in place, you not only have total control of your brand image, but they also become marketing tools that are practically free.Let us show you how we can successfully integrate Social Media into your marketing plan, andmake your business more accessible to your customers.

Download a copy of our Social Media Brochure for some more amazing stats and information













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