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8 years Ago By / AJ Ross Staff

GNSO Case Study



New Web Design for Orange County’s Greater Newburgh Symphony Orchestra

Looking to drive ticket sales and bring the love of classical music to the Orange County community, the Greater Newburgh Symphony Orchestra reached out to AJ Ross for assistance with its branding and marketing efforts. Our comprehensive strategy, which included a public relations campaign and print advertising, focused on a complete website overhaul. The previous site was incredibly text heavy and not very engaging. Since a website is the hub for all marketing channels, it was important to provide visitors with a more user-friendly experience and visually showcase the orchestra to entice engagement.

The website redesign incorporated

  • Large, graphical sliders on the home page that allow the orchestra to promote its talents and upcoming shows.
  • A ticket feed on the home page as a prominent call to action.
  • A simple, intuitive, easy to navigate site structure.
  • A Google compliant responsive design for optimal viewing and interaction on mobile devices.
  • A cost-effective content management system that enables the orchestra to make its own edits and content additions.
  • Search engine optimization that has prominently featured the website on the search results pages for such terms as “classical music orange county ny”, “classical concerts orange county ny”, “classical concerts hudson valley”, and “choral concerts orange county ny”

This strategy and execution has resulted in a boost in ticket sales and interest. “As a local not-for-profit organization it is important to the volunteer leadership at the Greater Newburgh Symphony Orchestra to work with local talent to support and promote the orchestra and it’s programs,” said GNSO board chairman John Bliss. “AJ Ross has an experienced creative team that took time to understand our needs and develop a site that is easy to use, responsive, and appealing. The ability to conveniently purchase tickets through the GNSO site will be a boon to our fundraising efforts,” added Bliss.

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