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9 years Ago By / AJ Ross Staff

Introducing The New

AJ Ross Creative Media is excited to announce the completion of the new Orange County Tourism Website, . The original site was created by AJ Ross in 2006, and needed an update to keep up with fast and constantly evolving technology.

The unique Website is set apart by its reflection of all 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. As each season changes, the Website will change with it, mimicking the beautiful scenic variations that Orange County experiences throughout the year.

In addition to its visual appeal, the new site has been brought up to current web standards, being user and device friendly. With iPads and iPhones becoming more commonly used for web browsing, it was important to take into consideration that Flash is not supported on these devices, so sites that incorporate that cannot be viewed. Even other smart phones and tablets that do have flash capability are moving away from it because of how draining it is on batteries. With that in mind, the new site is Flash-free, and easy to navigate.

The site was also expanded so that in addition to tourism information, it also contains new sections like Fascinating Facts, Maps & Charts, Photo Galleries and even a Video. The new site also ties into Orange County Tourism’s Facebook App, also created by AJ Ross, which boasts the same season changing theme, blended with valuable information on the county.

“We’re a four season destination, beautifully reflected in Orange County Tourism’s new web site. We’re very pleased with the site A.J. Ross Media has produced for us,” says Susan Hawvermale, the Director of Orange County Tourism.

With so many wineries, historic sites and outdoor activities, the site has over 500 different informational pages, categorized for easy searching. Keeping all of the information organized and accessible was an important part of the Website structure that also went hand in hand with a striking design. Every site takes effort and attention to details, but a site of this magnitude is something we are especially proud of.

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