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Westchester Meadows Life Care Community is a $53.5 million real estate venture on 30 prime acres. It was the first life care retirement community in Westchester, one of metropolitan New York’s most upscale neighborhoods, and one of the first of these communities in the entire state.

Life care was a new concept to the New York market. Although it has existed in other states for almost 35 years, until recently New York’s strict consumer protection laws made it difficult to pass the legislation necessary for these communities to be constructed. Our first task was to define "lifecare retirement community" in an appealing, clear and concise way for the prospective consumer. Secondly, the client’s previous agency had positioned it with ads that showed grain photographs of turn-of-the-century children accompanied by rather juvenile copy. We understood that the audience for this community was high-end, sophisticated, wealthy and still very active. We knew that we needed to appeal to that sensibility, with a forward-looking approach that emphasized the good things yet to be instead of looking to the past.

New Strategy and Materials for
Marketing Initiatives

The client initially needed to reach the target audience and solicit them to sign up for a Priority List that was an expression of interest without a full financial commitment. Our agency developed mailings based on demographics for carefully identified zip codes, inviting prospective residents to luncheons and teas at posh area hotels and restaurants where they would hear a professional presentation about the project. Those who signed the Priority List received several newsletters prepared by our agency. The newsletters, which also became a sales tool, updated them on the progress of the development and included personal profiles of some of the prospective residents, along with their reasons for signing on.

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Informing Potential Buyers

When the project was granted approval by the state to proceed, we developed direct mail materials that served as a Conversion Brochure, transforming the names on the Priority List to financially committed future members of the community.

Did you know?

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Getting the Word Out
Through Marketing & Advertising

We supported this outreach with print advertising, press releases to major media, television commercials and a web site, all developed by our agency and all with a consistent look that appealed to the intelligence and good taste of the prospective customer with a positive, future oriented attitude. The overall campaign was at a high enough level to appeal to any major client in any high end market across the country. In all of our dealings with this and all our clients, we approach the prospective customer with the respect, polish and passion that are the hallmarks of our agency’s overall philosophy.

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In response to our advertising and public relations campaign, Westchester Meadows sold 120 of its total 126 units in five months, before a shovel ever broke ground. We have a highly satisfied client who is eager to use our agency for their next real estate venture.

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