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10 years Ago By / AJ Ross Staff

AJ Ross Launches The Facebook Page For TCLMM Law Firm

“Let our experience be your guide” is the take away message from the newly launched Facebook page for Tarshis, Catania, Liberth, Mahon & Milligram, PLLC Attorneys & Counselors at Law (TCLMM). The professional and sleek page designed by AJ Ross directs users to a customized Facebook application and entices people to click the ‘Like” button. Like all Facebook applications designed by AJ Ross, it is unique to the Brand and was designed to fit TCLMM’s individual business needs.

Applications on Facebook are extremely useful and help give your Brand a validity factor over your competitors. The TCLMM Facebook page was created as an application that acts as a Print ad. It was purposely designed with their new Website in mind, maintaining uniformity and Brand recognition. The application will not only advertise the company, but will also be a landing page for first time visitors to the site. Having Facebook users go to the application page instead of directly into the wall allows users to learn about TCLMM from the company’s point of view. This means total Brand image control and the ability to instantly engage the user, not forcing them to read through wall posts and make an assumption off of what they see.

TCLMM understood how strong of an advertising and marketing tool Social Media can be, and now took their Brand to the next level. AJ Ross took TCLMM’s desire for expansion and transformed it into a strong way to appeal to their audience and build their Brand online.

Check out their new Facebook page, and Website:

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